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Our mission is helping online course creators, coaches and consultants to find more leads, make more sales and live their dream life.

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We coach you so that you may expand your horizons and bring your business one step further.

About us

Ayden Kang and Clementine Kang

2018, August, we launched our first online course platform for eCommerce business beginners. Less than 30 days, we made over $250,000 sales with $3000 advertisement budget. Since then we have been reverse engineering our success and applied to our clients. 

  • Launched first online course in 2018 August, sold $250,000 in first 30 days
  • Co-Founders of LFH, CEO and Vice President of Clayden Consultants Inc.
  • Authors of “Mindset of Giants” and “17 ACCESS persuasion methods”
  • Main speaker of Life Freedom Show (Offline conference event, 500 audiences, 2019)
  • Main Producer/Host of Life Freedom Show (ICI TV, 13 episodes)
  • As seen on NBC, ABC, FOX, Digital Journal, Daily Herald
Relaxed & Friendly

Our team is trained to bring your goals to reality

Our coaches are dedicated to bringing their level best to every session to ensure your questions are answered.

We help you build your brand through a thorough program, teaching you our methods and expertise as you move along the lessons.

With our innovative way of selling, not only online, but also offline, you will be able to reach new heights in your business.

Who do we help?

We help entrepreneurs that are motivated to grow bigger and faster.

We help business owners who want to diversify their product line

We help innovators reach their target audiences and have them reach back


What Our clients Say About Us

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Laura Kyle
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Katy Lawrence
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James Doe
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Mia Robertson

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