Grow Your Online Course, Coaching, and Knowledge Based Business

Faster Rapport, More Scheduled Appointments, More Sales

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Ayden Kang

Ayden has been in the online business and online course business for many years. After launching his own brands, he started helping fellow Koreans thrive in their own online businesses by consulting them. Now, he looks to the rest of the world and wants to help others grow and profit as he has.

Clementine Kang

Clementine has learned alongside Ayden for all this time and is now an expert in several fields. She will be one of your coaches, helping you navigate the intricacies of online business. Along with Ayden, she wants to share her knowledge with all.                                                                                                                     

About Us

Let’s make it short. You are not here to “learn about us”. You are here to know if we can help grow your business. So let us explain how you can grow your business with us. 

1. In the first month of our first online course launch, we had over $270,000 in sales. Yes, our very first month of launch. But how? Simple. First, we did our market research. Then looked up our industry and checked the “Who”, “What” and “How”. And before launch, we made the perfect course that the market needed. We perfected our ad scripts and Webinars and if you become our client, we’ll show you exactly  how we did this and how you can do this for your business as well. 

2. Are you stuck with the same stagnant growth of sales every month? We know how to RECOVER sales and GROW BEYOND.  
We’ll be 100% honest with you. In 2020~2021 June, we were losing course sales. We barely made a $6,000~$16,000 profit. (some months we even made a negative profit as well.) Yes, I know, we had a great first month! But that was because we were in the untouched market. But we started having a lot of competitors pop up and even copycats. Some of them literally copied our entire course (Word for Word!) and sold them half of our price.  (On top of that…a lot of piracies.)
However, we decided to go one step further. We changed our program from “DIY Courses” to “DFY Coaching”. And we gained recognition again by using Cinematic Webinar and Story-Selling Methods. 

Since then, we are making over $100,000/m to $200,000/m. Not even a single month under 100K! And we can teach you the exact method we used !

3. Are you sick and tired of making under $10,000 per month? Well, we can help you stand out in your industry, make you the go-to expert in your field and increase the value of your program. So you set the highest price point in your industry and still people are willing to pay for your program. If you want to grow your business to over $50K/M, then you need 3 things. You don’t need more than that. First, the perfect program. Second, a perfect webinar that INSTANTLY converts cold audiences and makes them schedule a call within 20 minutes. Third, insanely great closing skill. So you can go beyond your imagination!

Cinematic Webinar & Story-Selling
Grow Your Online Course, Coaching, and Knowledge Based Business
Faster Rapport, More Scheduled Appointments, More sales

Who is this for?

We help Online Course Creators, Coaches, Experts, Professionals and Knowledge Based business owners.

With our Cinematic Webinar and Story-Selling System, we help you to find more qualified prospects, build rapport faster, get more scheduled appointments and make more sales.

So, if you dare to BE more, and if you want to grow your business over 6-figures/Month, even 7-Figures/Month. Schedule a FREE consultation with us TODAY. Let’s see if we can use our methods in your business as well.

Online Course Creators

Experts and Professionals

Coaches and trainers

Why Regular Webinars are DEAD?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Gurus out there. And, of course, there are hundreds of thousands of webinars out there as well. Most of gurus make their Webinar a BORING🤮 Presentation Style. (Words + Voice)
This causes a great deal of problems.
1. Prospects leave before they finish the webinar.😵
2.You need to spend more money on Ads. (Because people don’t finish the webinar!)💵🗑️
3. Less prospects book calls/appointments with you.
= Less sales😞 and More stress!😬

This is how The typical gurus make their webinar!

Spend Less On Ads, Sell More!

If you want your prospects to stay until the end of your Webinar (Because usually CTA is at the end!). Convert 🥶cold 🥶 prospects to warm and 🥵hot🥵 faster, and if you want more prospects to book appointments with you, then you must stand out! That’s why you must use the CINEMATIC WEBINAR!

If you use a Cinematic Webinar, your prospects will…
1. Stay longer! = Let you finish your Call To Action!
2. Build instant RAPPORT with you (Because Cinematic Webinar = Story-Selling)
3. Cold Audience🥶 becomes HOT audience🥵
(Have you ever fallen in love with a movie character? Yep! It’s kind of like that😉)
4. Trust you more = Easier to close High Ticket Deals!🤑

This is not a movie!
This is how we make our Webinar!

Are you ready to grow? Become our client!

Relaxed & Friendly

Our team is trained to bring your goals to reality

Our coaches are dedicated to bringing their level best to every session to ensure your questions are answered.

We help you build your brand through a thorough program, teaching you our methods and expertise as you move along the lessons.

With our innovative way of selling, not only online, but also offline, you will be able to reach new heights in your business.

Who do we help?

We help entrepreneurs that are motivated to grow bigger and faster.

We help business owners who want to diversify their product line

We help innovators reach their target audiences and have them reach back


What Our clients Say About Us

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Laura Kyle
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Katy Lawrence
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James Doe
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Mia Robertson

Are you ready for your business to become more?